One thought on “This stuff writes itself.

  1. One placed troops on the front line in danger the other is a political decision to give the TA’s more to do.

    Like it or not the only way we will know if the TA’s can cope is in a war zone, my self I think the TA’s should be reduced and thfront line fighters increased.

    But that’s a political decision, but not giving the troops the right equipment when on active duty was beyond the pale it was shocking.

    Everyone knew because our troops told us, I knew because my cousin wrote to his mother to send him over boots, sleeping bags, and googles, he also asked for extra socks.

    It’s shocking when we hear that troops got to the front line on a Private airline not miliatry had to give up weapons and arrived in a war zone with weapons still in London waiting for a special flight.

    We know what happened in the Falklands when our helicopters were hit while on a ship and the Para and marines walked all the way to a war zone, and the people in the falklands used vechiles to move the injuried dead, and then equipment to the front line because of the lack of helicopters.

    In Iraq again we had a shortage of helicopters, simple if you cannot afford to buy these then do not go to war.

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