Often, far-left outfits do have something prescient to contribute.

“To reassure, to show that it can be trusted, the Labour right must uphold the interests of capital and therefore attack and disappoint its own base. That includes constant attacks on internal democracy, albeit in the name of democracy, and imposing more and more bureaucratic controls over ranks and file MPs, councillors and members. As a result the Labour Party tends to atrophy at the base and therefore the right becomes ever more dependent on the capitalist media. A vicious circle.”


One thought on “The Labour right and the media

  1. It’s about getting back into power, nothing else matters. Labour worried it may have another twenty years out of power and a lot of MP’s love power.

    Blair has cried about his beloved New Labour dying because of Brown, nothing do with the idiot being found out a lier.

    Brown is now so wound up he is coming back to the House then making a laughing stock of himself with his blame game, it was not me sir it was them and them and them, nothing is Gordons fault.

    All this lefties except for a hand full are playing the game, one group like Progress is keeping the right happy, you have Tribune and all the other blogs happy to go after it’s own group. now you have Blue Labour small concervative, god help us .

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