It’s extremely difficult to get across political points in a couple of hundred words, and more difficult to do it with any finesse, so this is clunky – my apologies for that.

My manifesto is as below:

In 2019-20 we have become more sustainable, recruited exciting new members, and set the terms. Since becoming co-chair in 2015 and working with all of you since, we have risen from 59 supporters to over 1000 strong. Our platform – left economics and internationalism, an open and cooperative way of doing democracy, and political realism – came to dominate the leadership elections.

Political priorities

  • Support the leadership where we can but criticise where we must; press for Keir’s “10 pledges”
  • Become a bridge to take liberation politics into the mainstream of national opinion
  • Labour’s political culture: boost internal debate, democracy & collaboration
  • Fight for a Brexit policy that ensures green jobs, migrant & human rights; press for global democratic alternatives to globalised capitalism.
  • Ally ourselves with friendly voices in the labour movement & radical left
  • Champion greater clarity and simplicity in our comms, & move on from the framing of ‘soft left’.

Organising priorities 

  • Expand national/regional groups, louder and more organised in CLPs. Build visibility & consistency with a paid organiser.
  • Boost participation from under-represented groups, work with other organisations to develop & profile OL activists
  • Formalise relationships with trade unions
  • Become a debate platform, support the summer school and public discussion groups

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