On the Lib Dems via Tom Harris, via Huw Irranca-Davies

Only weeks ago, they were against these cuts. Only weeks ago, they were against an increase in VAT because we all know it rips into the poor. Only weeks ago they were actually on the right side of the arguments. Their silence is not good enough.

Amen to that.

6 thoughts on “Progressive Britain deserves better

  1. They do not need to say anything,it’s up to the voters to tell the liberals if they are right or wrong.

    Trying to break the coalition will not work Cable and Clegg and a few others are happy, in five years time Clegg will step down Cable will retire to write books about how they dissed New labour.

    I’m sorry but the sad fact is the people left new Labour by the million and your going to have to fight like hell to get them back.

  2. Robert,

    People aren’t going to be happy with the enormous cuts in services, wages pensions and benefits this lot are proposing. Far worse than Blairism. Their whole argument is that Blairism was dangerously socialist.

    It’s not just up to the electorate to pass comment. The opposition has a duty to oppose.

  3. Yes but do you remember Brown running to the Tories to get the welfare reforms through, the 90 days and then 42 days detention, brown spent just as much time asking the Tories for help as he did asking the people within labour.

    Yes labour can be in opposition and fight within that area , sadly i doubt you will see the Tories running to Labour for help.

    Blair and Brown abused the Labour working class , now of course we are the best thing since sliced bread, sadly it’s to late. it’s to late for me.

  4. Not me! you will, because your the one who looks to gain out of New labour. The fact is I have to take what is given to me, and live with it, and I’ve had to do that since basically I became disabled. Labour kicked the shit out of me, with welfare reforms and the Tories will do the same, the difference is of course I expected it from the Tories I did not expect it from labour, but thats my fault …

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