A lick of paint…

As you can see, I have just given the blog a new layout, and made my first post in over a year. To do it all I had to manually re-install WordPress using and FTP client, which was fiddly as hell and took a couple of hours. Perhaps I need to upgrade my web hosting!

Anyway, I hope to be writing more from now forwards. I’m not going to be messing around with Young Labour stuff all that much longer, and I’m far less politically mad than I was before I left university, so I guess this can only really be a good idea. Being a candidate and easily quoted has that impact on you.

I’m going to start off by not writing about the reshuffle. I can’t see it making any difference to a Government that is essentially run, once again, by two relatively isolated men with little idea of the real world, sadly.

Anyway, hi again. Let me know if you have any thoughts about the design.