Well, that’s an opportune time to get blogging again. Needless to say, my first choice would probably be Jon Cruddas, who I hope will run. And win.

Failing that, Ed Miliband has my vote.

The problem is that all the possible contenders are different stripes of Blair, or they are John McDonnell… who I have found in the past to be surrounded by the wrong people, completely nonconstructive when it comes to working with the wider Labour left, and completely unrealistic in most political senses. Which is a shame, because he speaks well, and is a nice guy in person.

More coverage here soon. In the meantime, Ken Livingstone has a piece in this week’s Tribune which I think sets out the real big issue with absolute perfection. We must move on from New Labour.

Update: I couldn’t agree with this more. A lot of people will feel like this, but they need to have the courage and the opportunity to back a candidate who shares their point of view.