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Labour’s relationship with Thatcherism

I thought Stephen Bush’s piece in Progress was provocative and well argued, so I also thought it warranted a quick reply. His basic claim is that ‘Labour ended Thatcherism’. This is patently not true – the Progress deity Tony Blair himself disagrees with it in numerous bits of writing and his own tributes. And he more »

The Tories and low pay

Matthew Hancock MP’s article on ConservativeHome is worthy of a little thought and debate. It’s welcome to see a Tory MP talking about the idea of siding with the low paid, bearing in mind that so much of the point behind what their organisation does is detrimental to them. The Tory Party has steeled itself more »

What is ‘one nation’ politics?

“Well, society may be in its infancy,” said Egremont slightly smiling; “but, say what you like, our Queen reigns over the greatest nation that ever existed.” “Which nation?” asked the younger stranger, “for she reigns over two.” The stranger paused; Egremont was silent, but looked inquiringly. “Yes,” resumed the younger stranger after a moment’s interval. more »