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Recession – truth be told

Interesting to see ConservativeHome using the morning to slap Vince Cable down. Even more interesting to see them outline the ‘specificĀ pattern the crash took’: The requirement and arm twisting in the US for banks to lend to poor risks. Weak personal bankruptcy law in the US. The scandal of the mass government underwriting of mortgages more »

Ed Miliband is New Labour – but I’ll vote for him

I wasn’t born into Labour. I chose it. Because I am committed to its ideals and ultimate ends. For my time in the party I have self-defined as being on the left. I grew up under a Blair government, the furthest right any Labour government has ever been. War. Privatisation. Having a pop at the more »

Sign of the times

In a rather confused, agitated (agitating?) puff piece, the Times has broken cover to stand alongside its sister publication, the Sun, as an out-and-proud anti-Labour rag. The former newspaper of record was already virtually indistinguishable in any event. Any pretence to balance, authority, nay, basic understanding of the political world… it is a thing long more »