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Understanding the ‘ethical split’

I am increasingly captivated by accessible bits of writing about social psychology, perhaps because I think it is key to rebooting the political strategy Labour has really lacked since 2010. It can be the bridge between pretentious articles such as this one, and the pub-type situation that I always end up on relying on to more »

Dear political hacks: please be more normal

Maybe it’s because it’s election time, but politics really annoys me these days where it used to inspire me. It seems to have such a humanity deficit, and often as a starting point, as an accepted norm. There is so little respect for others or behaviour which reflects it. And maybe I’m not cut out more »

Planning objection to plans to close the Queensury pub

I and my Labour colleagues campaigning in Willesden Green ward, Bernard Collier and Cllr Lesley Jones, are strongly opposing the demolition of a local pub, the Queensbury. You can find out more about the campaign to save it here. Let’s face it folks. If I’m objecting to the demolition of a Conservative Club, I must more »

What is Islamophobia, and why should it be taken seriously?

This was a question I felt was raised by a post from a respected Facebook friend ( know, get new subjects…) who seemed to be in agreement with the attitude taken by some liberals that ‘Islamophobia’ is a term used unfairly for those with a problem with Islamic religious beliefs. It isn’t, and that’s why more »

How I feel about Iraq

A journalistic acquaintance, Rowenna Davis, is writing something about how people feel about the war on Iraq and subsequent long occupation. For me this is a generationally defining issue, and separated people my age, broadly Blair cynics, from the earlier optimistic Britpop generation. How do I feel? It made me a lot more critical of more »

A not so quick thought on deals in politics

This is a bit of an abstract thought process about being practical, but hear me out. You get some interesting perspectives in the Socialist movement. I suspect that some of these go back a hundred years or more. Should social democrats join a bourgeois government, for example? The automatic response of most people who accept more »

Tired of London

This is a post because it’s too long, ranty and self-indulgent to go on Facebook. I am about to leave my current flat due to my flatmate wanting the space for her boyfriend and her to move into. I went to do a second view at a place in Harlesden tonight. Nice enough, but outside more »

What is ‘one nation’ politics?

“Well, society may be in its infancy,” said Egremont slightly smiling; “but, say what you like, our Queen reigns over the greatest nation that ever existed.” “Which nation?” asked the younger stranger, “for she reigns over two.” The stranger paused; Egremont was silent, but looked inquiringly. “Yes,” resumed the younger stranger after a moment’s interval. more »

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