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Month: August, 2010

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I genuinely do have stuff to write about, I swear. I’m just waiting for the time. Back in service soon. Also, another redesign, let me know what you think? This is my fave so far.

Price us in

The problem with property One of the ideas that Tony Blair originally built his platform on is one that was quickly abandoned, but that I felt a profound empathy for – the stakeholder society. I think it’s something from Labour’s 1997-2001 term that really needs resurrecting as a notion. So I was glad to read more »

Low hanging fruit

A quick answer for Douglas Carswell: Comedy is definitely not left wing. I mean, has anyone else seen Chris Grayling? I wonder if his ‘culturally right leaning’ office will publish it?

I read this…

And a small tear ran from my eye. Now, I never need to feel again. Ever.

Len Duvall responds to Oona’s freedom pass wriggling

On of the most important things about Ken Livingstone’s bid to become London Mayor is that he has the overwhelming backing of the city’s Assembly Members. There has been some concern about what seemed to be Oona’s plan to means test the Freedom Pass, citing Prince Charles as an example of a pensioner who would more »