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Month: May, 2010

Not who, but what?

I must say that I am almightily concerned by the vacuity of the leadership contest so far. There seems to be a lot of zombification going on. David Miliband appears to be the most vacuous of the lot, with Ed Balls a close second, if only because Andy Burnham has declared himself the ‘continuity candidate’. more »

Low turnout – Labour’s biggest enemy

I spent a good chunk of this week and last campaigning for Comrades in Haverstock Ward, Camden, who were fighting a council by-election. For a start, I was very surprised to see such a large amount of Lib Dem activists openly identifying themselves. New Labour has had many wrong-headed (and sometimes catastrophic) policies. But New more »

John Hutton – How wrong can one man be?

OK, I did this post on the Tribune blog, so take a read here. As so often when it comes to Blairites, I’m not a happy man.

Leadership election

Well, that’s an opportune time to get blogging again. Needless to say, my first choice would probably be Jon Cruddas, who I hope will run. And win. Failing that, Ed Miliband has my vote. The problem is that all the possible contenders are different stripes of Blair, or they are John McDonnell… who I have more »